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 Strategic Planning

Campus Goals

A fifth element of the UMD Strategic Planning process involved identifying 5-7 priority campus goals that could be achieved within 3- 5 years and move the campus toward achieving its 2020 vision.

Goal: A list of 5-7 one-sentence campus goals that could be achieved within 3-5 years.

Process (completion date):

  • Ten Vision Groups each created 1-4 goals related to a key aspect of campus life. (2/11/11)
  • The Executive Team and Steering Committee synthesized and prioritized the goals from the individual Vision Groups and integrated them into a set of six goals for the campus. (2/25/11)
  • Stakeholders reviewed the draft list of goals and suggested changes online and at a Campus Forum. (3/29/11)
  • The Steering Committee and Chancellor Black finalized a set of six campus goals. (4/11/11)
  • The Steering Committee recommended that the campus goals be endorsed by the Campus Assembly as part of the integrated strategic plan (4/11/11).
  • The Campus Assembly endorsed (4/12/11) and Chancellor Black approved (5/3/11) the campus goals as part of the overall strategic plan.

Approved campus goals (as of 5/3/11):

Goal 1: Promote curricular, co-curricular, and living-learning undergraduate experiences that achieve UMD’ s learning goals and prepare students for lifelong learning, globally engaged citizenship, and success in their academic, personal, and professional lives.

Goal 2: Create a positive and inclusive campus climate for all by advancing equity, diversity, and social justice.

Goal 3: Establish UMD as a center of excellence for graduate studies in the Upper Midwest.

Goal 4: Advance UMD’ s stature as a major campus for research and creative activities, leveraging our region’ s unique natural, human, and cultural resources.

Goal 5: Strengthen ties with Duluth and surrounding communities in an intentional, visible, and mutually beneficial partnership.

Goal 6: Utilize UMD’ s infrastructure; technologies; and information, human and financial resources to support the campus in a sustainable manner.

How you can contribute now: Please share your reaction to the campus goals on the UMD Strategic Planning blog or by sending an e-mail to


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Six campus goals will help UMD prioritize what it wants to achieve in the next 3-5 years.

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