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 Strategic Planning

2011-12 Integrated Strategic Advisory Team (ISAT)

The Integrated Strategic Advisory Team was established in September of 2011 to consult withChancellor Black during the 2011-12 academic year on implementing the UMD Strategic Plan. Membership includes faculty, staff and students from across campus, with representatives from the major campus governance committees.

The Integrated Strategic Advisory Team is meeting regularly to advise Chancellor Black regarding UMD planning and to ensure that the Strategic Plan action steps mesh with the budget process to achieve the campus mission, the six goals, and the vision for 2020. Team members are modeling and promoting the campus core values while working with Campus Assembly members, with colleagues in each Vice Chancellor unit, and with other important constituencies to implement the Strategic Plan. The team is working closely with Denny Falk, Faculty Fellow for Strategic Planning, to develop a framework to assess progress on the Strategic Plan.

The ISAT members for 2011-12 are:

Kathleen Abrahamson, Auxiliary Services
Sue Banovetz, Director of External Affairs
Lendley Black, Chancellor
Rodger Brannan, Accounting, Athletics Committee
Chris Davila, Office of Cultural Diversity
Jason Davis, ITSS, Budget Committee
Lisa Erwin, Vice Chancellor for Student Life
Dennis Falk, Faculty Fellow for Strategic Planning
Mindy Granley, Sustainability Coordinator
Nik Hassan, LSBE
Ahmed Heikal, SCSE
Tim Holst, Associate Vice Chancellor for Graduate Programs
Tom Isbell, Theater, SFA
Jill Jenson, Writing Studies, CLA
John King, Interim Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
Lucy Kragness, Chief of Staff to the Chancellor
Susan Maher, CLA Dean
Jackie Millslagle, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Penny Morton, Interim SCSE Dean
Hannah Mumm, Student Association President
Adam Pine, Geography, Physical Facilities
Andrea Schokker, Civil Engineering, Educational Policy Committee
Dan Seguin, Facilities
Corbin Smyth, KSC, Student Affairs Committee
Bilin Tsai, Interim Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Bill Wade, Vice Chancellor for Advancement
Kay Wohlhuter, Education, CEHSP
Goldmee Xiong, Multicultural Council
Regina Zona, Executive Committee of the Campus Assembly


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