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Canvas Pilot

As you have probably heard, the University of Minnesota has been involved in an ongoing pilot study of Instructure's Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) since the fall of 2015. The pilot study was initially launched as part of our participation in the Unizin consortium (a consortium of 22 institutions), but has been expanded and is now part of a proposal from the University of Minnesota Academic Technology - Office of Information Technology (AT-OIT) being reviewed by the University Learning Technology Advisors (ULTA).

What does this mean? It means that the University of Minnesota is seriously considering transitioning from Moodle to Canvas. While this decision will be made by Provost Karen Hansen and OIT-VPCIO Bernie Gulachek, several groups including ULTA are currently reviewing the report from the 2015-16 pilot study and other data on Moodle and Canvas and will submit recommendations to the Provost and OIT-VPCIO. The expectation at this point is that a final decision will be made in May 2017.

As part of the pilot and to better inform University of Minnesota faculty about Canvas, a series of Canvas Experience Presentations were held on the Twin Cities campus during fall 2016. You can find links to Youtube videos of the presentations below along with other resources related to the Canvas pilot.

Watch Past Canvas Experiences Presentations (UMTC):

Interested in exploring Canvas or learning more about the Canvas Pilot? Check out the list of Canvas-related links:

  • Canvas Resource Course 
    Explore a real Canvas course from the student perspective while learning how to use the system. Sign-up/registration not required. Just jump right in.
  • Canvas Pilot Project Page
    Learn more about the pilot in general and read the report on the spring 2016 semester.
  • Canvas Sandbox Request
    Want to really see what Canvas can do? Request a sandbox course which gives you full instructor access to the system.
  • University Learning Technology Advisors (ULTA)
    ULTA is a group of faculty and staff from across the University system that receives, researches, reviews, and recommends potential technologies. This group will make a recommendation in spring 2017 on whether the system adopts Canvas.