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Software Recommendations

Web Browsers

We strongly recommend using the most current version of the following web browser and media players. In addition, a broadband connection (ethernet, cable modem or DSL) is highly recommended.

Web Browser Downloads

Web Browser Configuration

Email Programs

  • IMP WebMail provides secure email connections without needing any special configurating.
  • Mulberry is widely used on campus. It runs on both Apple and Windows computers.
  • Other popular email programs include: Apple/Mac Mail and Entourage for Apple computers, Microsoft Outlook for Windows computers, Mozilla Thunderbird for both platforms, etc.

Email programs must now be configured for secure connections to work from off campus. See the first bullet, below, for more details.

Other Software

Media Players

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Many of UMD's Web services (electronic library databases) require you to be connected to the UMD network. We strongly recommend you use a VPN client when connecting from off campus. VPN lets you make a secure connection to a University computer from an off-campus, non-UMD connection (for example, via cable or DSL modem).

When you use UMD's VPN service, it makes your computer appear as though it is directly attached to the UMD network, and provides the same security and access to restricted resources that you have while on campus.

Anti-virus Software, Security Tools, etc.

In addition to Virtual Private Network software, the university offers students anti-virus software and other security tools.

Microsoft Office

CEHSP recommends Microsoft Office. It is available from UMD for about $10. For more information, see and/or