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Information on Majors and Minors


Finding a Major That is a Good Fit For You

Have you chosen the right major? Is your major a match for your interests and skills?  Have you chosen a major in a subject you love learning about?  Are you in the process of exploring majors?  Check out the resources at the link above.


UMD Catalog

The UMD Catalog is the official source of information on requirements for degree completion, majors, minors, and the liberal education program, as well as university policies and procedures. The year that you start UMD is the catalog year and requirements you are following in order to obtain your degree from UMD.  If your declared major changes degree requirements at any point in time while you are attending UMD you have a right to request a change in catalog year.  The only exeption is any teacher education major must always meet the current degree requirements, at all times, due to state licensure.


Liberal Education Requirements

A liberal education prepares individuals to lead productive and socially responsible lives in a diverse and rapidly changing world.  The Liberal Education Program at UMD helps students develop competencies that can be adapted for use in any occupation and by virtually any individual.  Liberal education at UMD is not restricted to any particular part of the curriculum but is woven through each student’s course of study, including core requirements and requirements for the major.

In the link below you will learn about the liberal education requirements and how liberal education requirements overlap with your declared major.


What Can I Do With a Major In ...?        

Check out the above link for information on the wide range of careers you can pursue in each major. You can also try typing "what can I do with a major in ..." and the name of the major into Google and you will find a wealth of websites.


Occupational Outlook Handbook

This resource is from the U.S. Government  and provides information on the job outlook projections for the next 10 years. Type in an occupation and It will give information on salary ranges, the nature of the work involved, education level & credentials needed, and related careers.


Graduation Planner is an easy-to-use online tool that combines the requirements for your major from the correct UMD Catalog for the year you started your major, along with your individual record (APAS).  Please note: Graduation Planner does not contain it's own information -- it just pulls information directly from the catalog and APAS all into one location to help you easily plan your courses.

Using the UMD Catalog for the year you started your major and your APAS Report together will give you the information you need to plan and track your progress. Graduation Planner combines both of these things together in one place and is a great tool for planning your path to graduation.



CEHSP Major Requirements

Note:  Degree requirements default to the current catalog.

Athletic Training
Effective spring 2013, no longer admitting new students

Communication Sciences
and Disorders

Enviornmental & Outdoor Education

Exercise Science

Integrated Elementary Special Education (IESE)

Physical Education


Public Health Education & Promotion
(School or Community)

Social Work

Teaching Communication Arts and Literature

Teaching Earth and Space Science

Teaching French

Teaching German

Teaching Life Science

Teaching Mathematics

Teaching Physical Science

Teaching Social Studies

Teaching Spanish

Unified Early Childhood Studies