"Success is not the key to happiness.

Happiness is the key to success.

If you love what your are doing,

you will be successful"

                                                Albert Schweitzer


How To Choose A Major

1.  Choose your major based on what you are curious to know -- a subject you enjoy learning about. 

If you like learning about it, you will be more successful in college and in life beyond college.

2.  Choosing your major is not the same as choosing your career. 

And it certainly isn't a decision that will determine what you "do the rest of your life". It's just the first choice of where to direct your interests and your learning. Most employers care more  about you having a degree (and the transferable skills that come with it) and not necessarily a specific major. Some of the careers you may have in your life have not even been invented yet!

3.  There are 3 types of majors:

Vocationally Ready - majors that involve preparation for a specific job or occupation. One example is a teaching degree.  These types of degrees, however, do not limit you to only pursuing that specific career.

Career Field Oriented - majors that are aimed at a field of employment but not a particular job.  Recreation/Outdoor Education is an example.

Non-Vocationally Specific - majors that are not oriented toward employment in a specific career or field.  These majors are good for students who want to keep their options as open as possible and be able to pursue a wide range of career fields.  These degrees can be fine tuned toward more specific careers if a student chooses.  Psychology is an example of a majro that can be applied to a wide range of career fields and can also be directed into specific areas of interest.

4.  Be careful NOT to choose a major based solely on extrinsic goals.

Research shows college graduates who pursue EXTRINSIC goals (money, fame, material possessions, prestige) have lower measures of life-satisfaction and fall into the ill-being category.  Those who pursue INTRINSIC goals (making a difference, job satisfaction, solving problems, healthy relationships, volunteerism & community involvement) have the highest levels of life-satisfaction.  Choose to major in something you LOVE doing - something that gives you great satisfaction and something where you can put your talents to good use in the world.