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Advising & Academic Services, 120 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Ct, Duluth, MN 55812

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Postbaccalaureate Contract Procedures

Contact Jayme Battaglia at or (218) 726-7074 if you have questions.

If you have an undergraduate degree and want to pursue teacher licensure, add an endorsement to your license, or expand the scope of your license, you will first need an approved postbaccalaureate contract.  Then you will apply to UMD, if you have never been a student here before, or if you were a student here you would apply to be reactivated.  Next you take any lower division courses you need, as stated on your Postbac contract.  When those are complete you apply for the education program. If you meet all the requirements to enter the program, then you will begin taking the education block courses.  Here are the parts to the process:

  1. Request an evaluation of prior credit which results in a Postbaccalaureate Contract. 
    • Evaluation form available below under Step 1
  2. Apply to UMD, or apply for reactivation as a CEHSP student, which results in an active registration status.
    • UMD application form is available from the Admissions Office. Reactivation forms are available in the CEHSP Advising Office.
  3. Complete any required lower division courses.
  4. Apply to the program (major) which allows you to register in professional education block courses.

A signed postbaccalaureate contract does not guarantee admission to the program that leads to the license you are seeking. Upon the completion of lower division and program requirements, (which includes work with students and completion of the basic skills tests), have been completed, application to the program can be submitted.

Postbaccalaureate candidates seeking initial licensure must complete a minimum of 18 credits of professional education at UMD, including a semester of student teaching, in order to be recommended for licensure by UMD. 

Postbaccalaureate candidates seeking an endorsement, an additional license field, or to expand the scope of the license must complete at least 6 credits at UMD, including a minimum of 3 credits of student teaching to allow for evaluation by UMD faculty in the new license field.

All applicants adding a licensure field to an existing Minnesota teaching license must complete the appropriate Pedagogy and Content-Area Test requirement for the added field.

Candidates holding, or who have held a Minnesota standard teaching license before September 1, 2001, are not required to take the tests of basic skills or the examination of professional knowledge pedagogy test.

Students are eligible for financial aid and must complete a FAFSA before applying for aid.  A student must register for a minimum of 6 credits per term to be eligible to receive financial aid.

Out-of-state teaching license applicants requesting Minnesota teaching licensing requirements - if you received a letter from the Minnesota Board of Teaching, please attach this letter with your postbaccalaureate evaluation request.  A minimum of 3 credits of student teaching to allow for evaluation by UMD faculty is required. 


Complete the request for evaluation (Word file) and submit it, along with:

The requirements page that includes your self-evaluation is sent to a faculty member for official evaluation. The results will be sent back to you; you must sign and return the contract if you decide to pursue the license (STEP 2).

Evaluation Deadlines:

We must receive your request for evaluation (and all application materials) by the deadline in order to be able to process all paperwork for the term indicated.

NOTE: These deadlines are for postbaccalaureate evaluation; they are not program admission deadlines. If your self-evaluation suggests that you have completed all requirements up to enrollment in the Block courses, you should also complete and submit application for admission to the program at the same time. Use the links at the top of this page. (If you are already licensed, the admission process may be waived.) You cannot register for professional education courses until you have been admitted to the program. The process of admission to programs occurs once each semester; you must apply in the semester PRIOR TO the semester in which you want to begin enrollment in professional education courses.

Send all information to: CEHSP Advising & Academic Services, 120 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Court, Duluth, MN 55812


After you receive your evaluation, if you intend to pursue the licensure, sign and return the contract.


Once admission or re-enrollment has been processed, register for classes.

Postbaccalaureate students will always register on the first day of the registration queue each semester. If you do not get access to the registration system on the first day of the queue, contact Advising & Academic Services(726-7156) immediately. You should register within 24 hours of your queue date/time to ensure access to the courses in your contract.

UMD reserves the right to modify a signed postbaccalaureate contract if licensure requirements must be added to meet new state-mandated standards.

Step 4.

If your self-evaluation suggests that you may have met all requirements for admission to the appropriate program, admission application information will be returned to you with the postbaccalaureate contract. Otherwise, you should meet with an advisor in your first semester to discuss the process of admission to the licensure program. More detailed information at the links below:

              Unified Early Childhood Studies


Elementary/Middle School Education

Secondary Education

Special Education

Approved Programs / Licensure Areas

Licensure requirements for each approved program are listed at the links below. The forms are designed for applicants to do a self-evaluation and suggest prior academic work that may meet the stated requirement. Download and print the Word document for the desired program area, fill it out and send it with your application to UMD for evaluation and approval.


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Do you already have
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You can do this through what is called a Post-Baccalaureate Contract  (post bachelor's degree).

This allows you to take the courses you need to be eligible for licensing.

Follow the procedures in the column on the right to begin the process!



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