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University of Minnesota Duluth

College of Education & Human Service Professions

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Post Baccalaureate Licensure Contract

Special Education

Emotional Behavioral Disorders and/or Learning Disabilities





Soc Sec #:


STUDENT:  Complete a self-evaluation of your academic history against the requirements listed below.  In the Notes column, indicate courses you have taken that you propose would meet each requirement. 

PROGRAM EVALUATOR:  In the Office Use Only column, indicate with OK when a licensure requirement has been completed. 




Complete Needs

Psy 3371

Child and Adolescent Psychology


Educ 1000

Human Development


Educ 1101 Education in Modern Society      

Hlth 3202

Drug Education


Psy 2021 Developmental Psychology      

SpEd 4433/5433

Foundations in Special Education


SpEd 4204/5204

Assessment for Children and Youth with Disabilities


SpEd 4381/5381

Behavior Mgmt. Principles & Practices


SpEd 4435/5435

Parent and Professional Communication and Collaboration


SpEd 4452/5452

Academic Interventions for Students with Disabilities


SpEd 4385/5385



SpEd 4382/5382

Advanced Theory and Practice in Emotional and Behavioral Disorders


SpEd 4351/5351

Learning Disabilities Characteristics and Interventions


SpEd 4/5455 Instruc. Strat & Trans. Plan (4)
SpEd 4/5600 Student Teaching (3-12)



Student teaching requirements for special education certification are determined at time of student teaching and based on previous certified teaching experience. 

Students have the option of taking licensure courses at the undergraduate or graduate level.  Ifi you have any questions about what level (e.g., 4000 or 5000) you should enroll, please see the program coordinator. 

Students may be required to take a literacy and a math course to be determined prior or during student teaching.

Important information is attached with details about applying for admission to UMD and the Special Education program.  Students must successfully complete the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), have an overall GPA of 2.7 and meet the other requirements for admission to the program.

A signed post-baccalaureate contract does not guarantee admission to the program that offers the licensure you are seeking.   To be valid, you must begin coursework within two years of the date the contract was signed by the licensure officer.  CEHSP reserves the right to modify this contract as University courses are changed or Minnesota Board of Teaching licensure requirements are revised. 

Signatures / Date

Program Evaluator:

Licensure Officer: