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CEHSP Advising & Academic Services

Advising & Academic Services, 120 Bohannon Hall, 1207 Ordean Ct, Duluth, MN 55812

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Important Changes....
Fall 2012 Advisement & Registration

Health Insurance

Handout to students who need to change health insurance information

Effective for Fall 2012 registration all students MUST enter accurate health insurance information when registering for classes.  If students do not have their health insurance information with them they MUST choose the University Insurance option. Then the student must change their health insurance information to reflect their current coverage prior to the first day of classes online or they risk being charged $950 for health insurance coverage. Refer students online to and click on View/Update Health Insurance Information.

NOTE:  if a student enters inaccurate OR fake information to proceed through registration it will automatically insurance a health insurance AUDIT that the student will need to complete paperwork and provide proof of coverage.

UMD Seminar Pilot


UMD Seminar will be piloting a 2 credit section of SSP 1000-UMD Seminar course for the fall 2012 semester.  The piloted sections will appear as the first 8 sections on the class schedule when students look up the course. 

This course will include a large lecture component (meeting 1 day per week) and a discussion componenet (30 students meeting 1 day per week). 

Reserved Seats

All new incoming students will be indicated with a NS12 code attached to their academic record.  This NS12 code means they are a new incoming high school student or transfer student starting UMD during the fall 2012 semester.  This code will be linked to course reserves on various liberal education courses. Click here to view a sample of the Class Schedule Reserved Listing.

Be sure to use the SECTION STATUS Link found under all classes on the class schedule to see how many seats remaining are allocated to the new student population.

Who takes UMD Seminar?

UMD Seminar is required for ALL New Incoming High School students and ALL incoming Transfer students with less than 24 cumulative credits.

NOTE:  ALL New High School Students who took PSEO/CIS students MUST take SSP 1000 during their first semester at UMD.

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