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Liberal Education Requirements
Effective Fall 2012 and Forward

Who does this impact? 

What are the Liberal Education Program (LEP) Requirements?

The new Liberal Education Core requires a maximum of 39 credits of course work; however, a single course can be used to satisfy multiple requirements, reducing the total number of credits. 


Part I. Language and Reasoning Skills (9 credits)

a. Writing and Information Literacy -WRIT 1120 (3 credits)

b. Oral Communication and Languages (3 credits)

c. Logic and Quantitative Reasoning (3 credits)


Part II. Knowledge Domains (21 credits)

a. Natural Sciences (6 credits, 2 designators, 1 lab)

b. Social Sciences (6 credits, 2 designators)

c. Humanities (6 credits, 2 designators)

d. Fine Arts (3 credits)


Part III. Key Topics (9 credits)

a. Global Perspectives (3 credits)

b. Cultural Diversity in the US (3 credits)

c.  Sustainability (3 credits)  

Where can I find the courses that fulfill the Liberal Education Program (LEP) Requirements?

The Liberal Education Requirements can be found online at:

How do the liberal education requirements overlap with my major requirements?

Each grid explains how the required lower division courses within your major overlaps with the required liberal education courses.