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Resource Offices

American Indian Learning Resource Center (AILRC)

American Indian Learning Resource Center (AILRC) - Home Page

The American Indian Learning Resource Center exists to enrich the cultural, academic, supportive, and social environment of the UMD campus. Our mission is to increase the recruitment and retention of American Indian and Alaskan Native students, while promoting a more culturally diverse campus environment. Working in conjunction with UMD staff, the AILRC provides supportive services to empower and aid in the success of our students and to enhance their educational experience.

Center for Environmental Education (CEED)

Center for Environmental Education (CEED) - Home Page

The mission of the Center for Environmental Education is to achieve excellence in environmental education training, experience, and research for pre-service, in-service, and graduate level environmental education. This will be accomplished through collaboration between UMD departments, local, state, and federal agencies and organizations in order to advance the field of environmental education.

Student Advising and Academic Services

Student Advising and Academic Services - Home Page

CEHSP Advising and Acadmic Services is established to:

  • Service the needs of enrolled students from their first orientation to graduation.
  • Respond to questions and requests for information from prospective students.
  • Support faculty in their role as academic advisors.
  • Work with post-baccalaureate students to establish licensure contracts.
  • Submit all teacher licensure applications to appropriate state agencies.

UMD Children's Place

UMD Children's Place - Home Page

Our vision is to be a model program providing quality, nurturing care and educational experiences for young children of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

The mission of UMD Children's Place is founded in the belief of the critical importance of the first years of life and the need to embrace the diversity of our world today. The mission of UMD Children's Place is three-fold:

  • To serve the needs of UMD for quality, nurturing care of their children while they are at work or study,
  • To provide interdisciplinary educational opportunities for UMD students in order to enhance their classroom learning with practical experience, and
  • To support the University of Minnesota mission of outreach and public service by providing an inclusive program to serve the greater Duluth area in addition to the UMD community.