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CEHSP Technology Council

December 1, 2004

Present: Alexandra Luoung (faculty at-large), Kent Brorson (faculty at-large), Beth Reiter (at-large), Jake Grinaker (HPER), Jolene Hyppa Martin (CSD), Libby Gordon (SW), Link Swanson (Psy), Jackie Millslagle.

FY '04 expenditure reports, and updated 3-year budgets were reviewed, and department representatives answered questions. Psychology's 3-year budget will be circulated electronically on Thursday. [In this discussion, it was noted that only SW, CSD and Education departments have had technology committee meetings this semester.]

Jackie reported on wireless connectivity information provided by ITSS Director. The campus plan indicates wireless hub installation planned as follows:

  FY2004 FY2005 FY2006 FY2007
10 (100%)
16 (100%)
15 (100%)

At an annual cost per hub of $192, a rough estimate to get total connectivity in CEHSP buildings is about $5,000. Consensus was to recommend to the Dean to use central funds to get all buildings wireless by the end of FY2005 (current year).

Jackie relayed a conversation with Peter Angelos, CLA Technology Coordinator, about their laptop initiative implementation plan. All incoming students are required to have a laptop. CLA technology funds are being used to support the infrastructure and faculty training on use of technology in the classroom. There was consensus that we should invite Peter to our next meeting to provide more details.

Two evening spring semester meetings will be scheduled.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder