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CEHSP Welcome Week Committee

The purpose of the CEHSP Welcome Week Committee is to develop a strategic approach to increasing retention and graduate rates by


  • analyzing retention data on our students to identify problem areas where we are losing students;
  • deciding if there is opportunity to increase retention at an identified point in time (do we have any control?);
  • identifying best practices that apply to the problem;
  • advising on interventions; and
  • measuring impact of interventions.


The Committee will be cognizant of campus-based initiatives so efforts are not expended on redundant activities.  It is important to recognize that this is a long-term process and the strategy must be dynamic as new information is collected and new interventions applied. 

The following individuals will serve through June 30, 2009.


  • Jackie Millslagle and Sue Darge—Co-facilitators
  • Jean Stevenson—Education faculty
  • Kim Riordan—Education faculty
  • Pat Sundin—Student Affairs staff
  • RaeAnn Johnson—Psychology staff
  • John Keener—HPER faculty
  • Robert Lloyd—Psychology faculty
  • Lynette Carlson—CSD faculty


Retention Committee has been renamed to Welcome Week

SPRING 2008 Retention Committee Meeting Schedule

Retention Committee Meeting minutes