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CEHSP Retention Committee

October 5, 2007

Present: RaeAnn Johnson, Bob Lloyd, Jean Stevenson, Sue Darge, Mark Nierengarten (for John Keener), Lynette Carlson, Dan Glisczinski, Jackie Millslagle.

Excused: Kim Riordan, Pat Sundin.

Sue reviewed the top factors that impact retention: Fit, Academic Integration, Social Integration, Financial.

Sue reviewed the current version of the Student Success Working Group's strategy map. Maintained and always available at This is what is "expected" we will follow to increase retention and raise graduation rates. Noted were the CEHSP initiatives on the map. including our Welcome events; the goal of these events was to initiate/facilitiate faculty/student connections.. In general, the Welcome events were well attended by both students and faculty. Mark reported his faculty thought it was a good thing and should be repeated. They also suggested a "follow-up" event, perhaps during the upcoming advising period to get ready for registration. There was no formal assessment plan in place to assess the effectiveness of the Welcome Events. Department Heads wll review and discuss later this month.

Members were asked about the reaction to the proposal to require SSP 1000-Introduction to College Learning. One of the concerns in Education - everyone felt it was valid and should be considered, but there is a concern about "growing" the majors. Discussion about adding ICL content to an introductory course in the major. Bob suggested that some "mix" of majors is good. Mark supported this idea - a good thing to have exposure to other students. Objective sould be to integrate into the college and the university - not necessarily the major. In CSD - how do we address this with the non-traditional student?

Consensus of the group that the course is important; but in Education, an uncomfortable feeling that there are things that should be done but aren't because of the focus to keep the major as small as possible. Mark said there was almost unanimous support for the course in HPER. HPER preference was for a CEHSP-specific course; 4-5 interested in teaching.

Enrollment statistics. CEHSP has 405 new high school (NHS) students and 117 new advanced standing (NAS) students. In last several years, we have had 450-465 NHS; this year's reduction comes primarily from reduction in undecideds.

There was general discussion leading up to and around priorities for this group in 2007-08. Questions and comments included:

  • What percent of UMD students are on financial aid?
  • Jackie raised the issue of size/structure of UMD majors and asked whether the lack of "free electives" in programs contributed to lower 4-year graduate rates. Constraints of licensure, accreditation were acknowledged.
  • What is the retention/graduation rate of students with philosophy major? Nature of liberal education vs. vocational education?
  • How can we address issues unless we know why we lose them? Maybe we look at who is successful?
  • How can we track 1010 students in elementary education?
  • Dan - brought up again - need for an alias for effective communication. The new advisor alias system is not expected until spring, but major aliases are available for general advising announcements.
  • A priority for 07-08 - investigate traditions that would enhance quality of life; campus culture piece.
  • Consider follow-up meetings for new students before fall registration.
  • A ticket to every student to take a faculty member to lunch.
  • If undecided students do positively impact retention - what kind of numbers can we track to see if our reduction in our undecideds wil impact.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder