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CEHSP Retention Committee

April 19, 2007

Present: Kim Riordan, Bob Lloyd, RaeAnn Johnson, Sue Darge, Lynette Carlson, John Keener, Pat Sundin, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent: Jean Stevenson

[All of the above have indicated a two-year committment to this committee. Dan Glisczinski has been appointed to join the group in the fall.]

The group reviewed a draft purpose statement and suggested one minor modification. The statement was approved as follows:

The purpose of the CEHSP Retention Committee is to develop a strategic approach to increasing retention and graduate rates by

  • analyzing retention data on our students to identify problem areas where we are losing students;
  • deciding if there is opportunity to increase retention at an identified point in time (do we have any control?);
  • identifying best practices that apply to the problem;
  • advising on interventions; and
  • measuring impact of interventions.

The Committee will be cognizant of campus-based initiatives so efforts are not expended on redundant activities.  It is important to recognize that this is a long-term process and the strategy must be dynamic as new information is collected and new interventions applied. 

Bob reviewed some initial analysis he had done on retention records taken frm the data warehouse. The remainder of the meeting was used to brainstorm the types of data needed as a baseline to retention efforts. Ideas that surfaced include:

  • First generation students; first in family to attend college
  • Hours working
  • Extra-curricular participation
  • Financial aid status
  • How many live on campus?
  • Is drop-out rate higher among students who transferred out?
  • UMD Retention rates for last 10 years.
  • ACT scores by gender
  • High school rank, ACT, GPA, correlation with first semester GPA.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder