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CEHSP Retention Committee

April 1, 2008

Present: Pat Sundin, Rae Ann Johnson, Sue Darge, Bob Lloyd, Jean Stevenson, Jackie Millslagle.

Jackie reported that 11 participants were expected for Kim's sharing of her engaged learning technique. Only one survey designed to identify future events was returned (despite 3 reminders).

Sue reported on new tracking reports and ideas for how they would be used:

  • A report for intended to identify students who are "off track" in terms of 4-year graduation. Students might be off track because of the number of credits being completed each term; students with more than 30 credits who are still undecided; or students who are significantly behind in terms of gpa required for admission to the major.
  • A second report identifies students whose gpa dropped by more than 0.5 from one term to the next, regardless of class level.

As these reports are analyzed, the intent is to develop specific interventions for each circumstance. We will look for themes so that pro-active messages about making adequate progress become part of the culture in CEHSP. Sue asked "to what extent are faculty willing to intervene with off-track students?" Is this part of their role? Some carryover staff funds are being used this spring and early summer to do some initial interventions and begin to establish themes around off-track problems. A summary will be prepared for this committee in the fall.

Sue and Jackie reviewed Welcome Week plans. Department heads have been asked to give input about what faculty should be invited to develop and deliver the academic message to our 400+ new high school students. The message must be "generic," not related to our specific programs.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder

Agenda for first meeting in fall 2008 - sharing of engaged learning techniques.