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CEHSP Retention Committee

March 22, 2007

Present: John Keener, Tom Beery, Jean Stevenson, Kim Riordan, Lynette Carlson, Bob Lloyd, Rae Ann Johnson, Pat Sundin, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle

Absent: Frank Guldbrandsen

Sue and Jackie provided background to the current campus retention efforts, including the work of the Student Success Work Team and some initiatives within CEHSP: (1) Welcome Book; (2) Welcome Events; (3) pilot “fit assessment” project. Campus graduation rates, and the target graduation rates were distributed. I also conveyed how associate deans are participating at the campus level in the retention/graduate rate discussions. The associate deans have consistently lobbied that the most impact on retention and increased graduation rates will come from increased financial aid and additional course access funding.

There was significant discussion throughout and following this introduction about why a CEHSP Retention Committee was formed, and what the role of the Committee should be. I suggested that it will be very important for this committee to be visible in the College in order to get buy-in from all faculty and staff for initiatives/changes the Committee may recommend. It will be important that we make, as much as possible, data-driven decisions, and that we use data to assess if interventions made a difference. This may be difficult because there will be interactions with other campus-based programs that are sure to be happening over the next years.

Jackie also suggested that the work of this committee will be most beneficial if its members are interested and willing to make a commitment to membership for at least two years. The remainder of this year would be used to help identify what information/data resources are needed to begin, and finalize the membership, including students if that decision is made. This will give Jackie and Sue an opportunity to put together data over the summer and get the Committee started immediately in the fall semester of 2008. Initially, Bob Lloyd offered to do some analysis on a set of retention file records dumped from the warehouse. Jackie will also start investigating what kind of profile information we would like on students who do NOT complete.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder