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CEHSP Retention Committee

January 29, 2008

Present:  John Keener, Jean Stevenson, Lynette Carlson, Pat Sundin, Rae Ann Johnson, Sue Darge, Jackie Millslagle

Excused:  Kim Riordan, Bob Lloyd

Jackie and Sue reviewed some continuing retention activities at the campus level and distributed a 30-60-90 UMD Student Success Roadmap that begins to pull together the various interventions/initiatives expected to happen to keep students progressing toward 4-year graduation.  Jackie and Sue will develop a concise document that shows which parts of the roadmap are being addressed in CEHSP and bring it back to the group. 

Committee members had reviewed several articles about student engagement that focused on the role of the classroom experience in student persistence.  After extensive discussion, the members agreed that this Committee endorse the importance of student engagement in the classroom, and agreed to pursue ideas for moving this understanding to all faculty in CEHSP. 

Members acknowledged that there are probably many excellent examples of activities being utilized by CEHSP faculty to engage students, and that the first step is to facilitate a culture of sharing of ideas.  To document what is happening, as well as to identify where faculty can be approached to start “sharing,” Jackie will draft a survey for the next meeting.  The survey should focus on finding out what is happening in our classrooms, and what we perceive students want in the classroom. 

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder