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UROP Selection

The UROP program description, application/proposal form, and details can be found at

All CEHSP applications will be prioritized by a CEHSP committee of five who read all proposals and rate against the stated criteria (Evaluation Form).  The number of proposals funded depends on funds available for UMD. UROP funds are distributed by group meeting of UROP coordinators from all academic units.  Based on recent years, approximately 2/3 of the anticipated funds for a year will be awarded in the spring round for the following academic year.  When funding levels for the campus are firm, the remaining funds for the fiscal year are awarded in the fall round for the following spring semester.




Covered Dates for Research


Last Monday of February

Approximate dates: July 1 - December 20


First Monday of October

Approximate dates:  January 1 - May 7


A committee of five – one representative from each undergraduate department - will prioritize applications.  Committee members will not evaluate their own sponsored projects.  Evaluation will be based on the following criteria.

  • Review of Relevant Literature (1-5 scale) (Has the context of the project been established?)
  • Clarity of Goal/Research Hypothesis (1-5 scale) (Has the applicant demonstrated understanding of the project?)
  • Methodology (1-5 scale) (Are the methods described appropriate to the goal/research hypothesis? Is the timeframe for completion reasonable?)
  • Research Implications (1-5 scale) (How will results contribute to the field, or answer a problem/question?)
  • Overall Quality of Proposal (1-5 scale) (e.g., format, grammar, spelling, punctuation, organization, adherence to 3-page limit guideline, etc.)

All UROP applications will be evaluated with the same criteria/scoring system and ranked according to their total score.