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Special Funds

Each department will maintain a CUFS account for revenue and expense transactions associated with start-up funds, small grants, and other one-time fund allocations to departments and/or individual faculty. Funds not encumbered within stated guidelines will revert to CEHSP general funds.

Faculty Start-up Funds (Effective for new faculty hired for FY '07-current)

Tenure-track faculty are provided with set-up funds to purchase equipment and materials to assist them in executing their teaching, research, service, and community outreach duties. Set-up funds are provided by both the VCAA and the Dean's Office. These funds are to be spent in the first two years of the faculty member's tenure at the University unless special arrangements are made. A full accounting of these expenditures will be provided to the Dean's Office upon final expenditure of funds.

Chancellor's Small Grants

Must be encumbered by the end of the term (includes summer) following the period of the award.