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Special Registration Proposals

CEHSP Supplement to UMD policy

The nature of P-12 education and other human service professions-the continual need for professional development and licensure renewal requirements-motivates a high level of activity resulting in proposals for credit-bearing opportunities for practicing teachers and other licensed professionals. These proposals may originate from individual faculty, from external agencies, or from public school personnel, e.g., staff development leaders. It is important that the Department do an initial evaluation of any proposals and discuss credit requirements with originators before extensive work goes into the proposal. Thus, initial contact with Continuing Education to offer credit-bearing instructional activity should be handled as follows:


  1. Any person/agency, internal or external to the University, that makes contact with Continuing Education proposing credit for a professional development activity will be referred to the Head of the Department before planning is initiated. The CE Program Director can facilitate the contact, or forward a proposal abstract to the Department.
  2. The department head will work in conjunction with the appropriate program coordinator and/or program faculty to outline credit expectations, e.g., contact hours, final products, etc., for the initiator.
  3. Department faculty should be advised of the planned experience and be given the opportunity to provide the instruction before adjunct faculty are hired, as per section 255.400 of the UEA Contract.
  4. If the proposal overlaps with a discipline-specific content field, or there is a UMD faculty person with expertise in the field covered by the proposal, the department head or program coordinator will make a courtesy contact to clear the offering, or work cooperatively on the delivery.
  5. If?the proposed activity meets credit requirements, and if the instructor meets minimum hiring qualifications, the Department Head will give approval (via email to Lynn Burbank) for Continuing Education to proceed with planning.
  6. When a proposal is complete, it will be circulated for approvals according to UMD policy.