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Scheduling - Faculty and Classes

The procedure outlined follows section 250.510 of the UEA contract.



Scheduling relates to workload assignment. By contract the Principal Administrator has the actual responsibility for workload assignment. Since assignments and schedules are best developed at the department level, as indicated in the contract, the CEHSP Dean has delegated that duty to the Department Heads. The Associate Dean has been assigned to match workload assignment and scheduling with funding and major and minor needs. Our value is to offer courses that allow the students the chance to complete their degree in the expected time with a minimum, if any, number of bottle necks. Technically, the DH makes a recommendation to the Associate Dean, and the Dean approves the recommendation or makes changes in keeping with the responsibility of the Principal Administrator.

To accomplish scheduling and workload assignment, it is wise for department heads to consider the faculty members' expertise and listen to faculty needs and
preferences. However, it will be the department head's decision how to schedule and there is no right or entitlement to get the exact scheduling preferred. It depends on major and minor needs, enrollment, and funding. Department heads are advised to consult with faculty when the need arises. There is no standard mechanism for doing so and is thus left to the department head's individual style of functioning.