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Incomplete Grade Policy

UMD Policy

The temporary grade I (incomplete) is assigned only when a student has made an agreement with the instructor to complete the course requirements before the instructor submits final grades for a semester. The I remains in effect for one calendar year after the end of the semester in which the I was received unless a different time period has been arranged between the student and instructor. At the end of this period, the I will be changed to an N or F unless the instructor has submitted a change of grade or has agreed to an extension of the incomplete. If an extension is permitted, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain an Extension of Incomplete form, get the instructor´s signature, and submit the form to the registrar before the deadline.

CEHSP Policy

Any time an instructor assigns an "I" grade consistent with UMD Policy, an Incomplete Grade Report (Word file) must be submitted to the Department Head by the deadline for grade submission for each term.

This policy applies to all courses except for graduate final project registrations, and includes all section 090 courses offered through Continuing Education. (A "blanket" form can be filed for all students registered in section 731 classes at Wolf Ridge.)