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Inactive Courses


  • Consistent with all-university policy, inactive courses cannot be listed in a university catalog. This also implies that if an inactive course is part of our liberal education program, it is not shown in the catalog listing of that curriculum.
  • During the spring prior to a new catalog (e.g., spring 2003 for the 2003-05 catalog), an assessment will be conducted by the VCAA Office of all UMD courses and when they have been scheduled.
  • Coursers at all levels (1xxx to 8xxx inclusive) that have not been offered in at least the current year or the previous year, or are not scheduled for the upcoming academic year, will tentatively be identified as inactive. For example in spring 2003, if a course was not scheduled for 2001-02 or 2002-03, and has not been scheduled for 2003-04, it will be identified as inactive. A list of all courses tentatively identified as being inactive will be sent to collegiate officer where the option would exist of requesting that one or more courses be restored to an active status. All remaining inactive courses would not be shown in the upcoming UMD catalog.
  • If an inactive course is desired to be an active course for purposes of scheduling, a request to the VCAA Office would come from the department with approval by the dean's office.