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All CEHSP employees are obliged to follow UM Office of General Counsel regulations with regard to contracts. Guidelines are spelled out on the OGC Contracts page.

Internal Procedures are as follows:


  1. Prepare the contract and make enough copies so that there can be originals mailed for signatures to each individual involved in the contract. Submit copies, with appropriate signatures and envelopes prepared for mailing, to the Dean's Office.
  2. The contract is submitted to the Dean's Office with notation of any required clearance of Subject Matter Expert approval.
  3. The Administrative Director will review to determine that
    1. A standard contract* has been used with no changes made
    2. There is no missing information; and
    3. Subject matter signature authority has been attached as needed.
  4. The contract will be logged for Dean´s signature.
  5. Where the Dean has authority signature,
    • Signed documents will be forwarded to all parties.
    • One original will be maintained on file in the Dean's Office for the duration of the contract.
  6. If the Dean does not have authority signature, it will be forwarded to the appropriate UMD personnel for next signature.


*Standard contracts available in the OGC Contract Library.