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Date: March 30, 2004

To: Principal Administrators

From: Vince Magnuson

Re: Policy for Cancellation of Summer Session Courses

The policy for the cancellation of summer session courses has been revised as follows:

"UMD administration will provide faculty contract offers to UEA faculty in December. Exceptions to this will be made only in those cases where a summer course is added in spring semester. UMD administration expects that summer session courses will seldom be cancelled due to low enrollment. However, if a course is cancelled, the principal administrator will work with the faculty member and department head on an alternate work assignment. This work assignment might be another course which the faculty member has previously taught, or an alternate project. In any case, the time period for the alternate work assignment will be the same as the original contract assignment unless the faculty member agrees otherwise. The Vice Chancellor for Academic Administration will review all alternate work assignments. If an alternative assignment cannot be arranged, the faculty member will be paid for the cancelled class."

Please note the last sentence as an addition to the policy sent previously.