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There are a variety of aliases setup for use in communicating with particular groups of faculty or students.

CEHSP Administrative Aliases

The following aliases are available to get messages to groups within CEHSP. Request a class alias at

Alias Name Includes Maintained by
cehsp-all All CEHSP faculty and Staff (utilizes department aliases) Sue Siverson
csd-dept CSD faculty and staff Michelle Tessier
eddept Education faculty and staff Linda Witzke
hperfac HPER faculty and staff Lynn McGraw
psychology-dept Psychology faculty and staff RaeAnn Johnson
swfaculty Social Work faculty and staff Jackie Heytens
ailrc AILRC staff Lea Carr
dhg Department Head Group Sue Siverson
alc Administrative Leadership Council Sue Siverson
cehsp-sa Advising and Academic Services staff Sue Siverson
deanstaff Dean's Office staff

Sue Siverson

cehsp-faculty-all All CEHSP faculty Sue Siverson


Advisor Aliases

Advisor aliases are updated approximately 2-3 weeks into each term, and again prior to each registration queue. They are named for each advisor and intended for use by the advisor only.

Class Aliases

Faculty will be notified by ITSS that this service is available.

Major and Minor Aliases

There are listservs maintained by ITSS for all identified programs. Staff members in departments have been identified as managers of the aliases and can designate approved posters (ability to send to the alias) and recipients (receive all messages sent to the alias). Contact the staff member listed if you need to send to a particular alias, or if you have need to see messages that go to the alias.

CEHSP Major and Minor Aliases
Alias Includes Manager Approved to Send Recipients
All Aliases
Lisa Kittelson; Sue Darge Lombardo  
seced.maj All STEP majors, including htlh, pe, art, and music Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Joyce Strand , Frank Guldbrandsen  
pre_seced.maj all pre-STEP majors, including hlth, pe, art, and music Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Joyce Strand, Frank Guldbrandsen  
athltrng.maj Athletic Training majors

Lynn McGraw

ugcsd-1st CSD undergraduate students Michelle Tessier (mtessier)    
e_chld_stu.maj Early Childhood Majors Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Molly Harney  
Education.maj M.Ed. Karen Mehle (kmehle)    
elem_educ.maj Elementary/Middle School Majors Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Lynn Brice  
5th_yr_lic.maj Fifth year licensure (post-bacs at both UGRD and GRAD not seeking degree) Jayme Battaglia (jbattagl)    
health.maj Health Education Majors Lynn McGraw
teachpe.maj Physical Education Majors Lynn McGraw
psychology.maj Psychology Majors RaeAnn Johnson (rjohnso6) Rae Ann Johnson  
rec.maj Recreation Majors Lynn McGraw
pre_mid_ed.maj Pre-Elementary/Middle School Majors Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Lynn Brice  
exsci.maj Exercise Science Majors Lynn McGraw


grad2nd yr

CSD 1st yr grads

CSD 2nd yr grads

Michelle Tessier (mtessier)    
e_chld_stu.min Early Childhood Minor Linda Witzke (lwitzke) Molly Harney  
health.min Health Minor Lynn McGraw
psychology.min Psychology Minor RaeAnn Johnson (rjohnso6) RaeAnn Johnson  
rec.min Recreation Minor Lynn McGraw
coach.min Coaching Minor Lynn McGraw (lmmcgraw)    

UMD Business Announce is an alias for all UMD faculty and staff who wish to be included. To minimize unnecessary messages to faculty, one person in each department has been designated to forward pertinent messages to the department alias.

  • CSD - Michelle Tessier
  • Education - Tracy Hansen
  • HPER - Lynn McGraw
  • Social Work - Kathy LaPlante
  • Psychology - RaeAnn Johnson