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Graduate Program Council

November 25, 2013

Present: Faith Loven, Diane Raushenfels, Ken Gilbertson, Alexandra Luong, Melanie Shepard, Fay Maas (ex officio)

EdSE 5255

Course Approved with the following minor changes:

  • Course change: adding graduate level requirements to EdSe 4255

  • For the CCTC; change is a result of adding additional methods courses to the certificate. Most cost effective to add the grad students to the undergrad course.

  • This is a new course not a course change. Modify the proposal to reflect this.

  • #11 not completed

  • #17 Indicated equivalency which means that students who took the 4xxx level course would not get credit for the 5xxx level course. Is this what the department wants?

  • #21 Eliminate the first sentence. Begin with The graduate level course will…..

  • #26 Denote additional outcomes for graduate students rather than those for the undergrads