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Graduate Program Council

October 13, 2009

Present: Dennis Falk, Kim Riordan, Ken Gilbertson, Bob Lloyd, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Dennis Falk was nominated and elected as chair of GPC for this academic year.

Dennis and Kim provided a brief update of activities from the campus graduate committee.

There was discussion of selecting a student representative to participate in the graduate council. Sharon Krause (M.Ed. student in environmental education) was selected to represent CEHSP. Ken will contact her and inform Tim Holst of her selection.

A question was raised about policies for minimum GPA for programs. The understanding is that the campus minimum is 2.0 and anything above that is set by the program.

It was confirmed that the previously approved Fetal Alcohol Syndrome certificate courses and programs meet GPC expectations and Bruce can forward them to the vice chancellors.

It was noted that curriculum forms are changing and that everyone needs to be directed to the VCAA web site for the latest forms. The CEHSP web site also needs to be revised to point to the VCAA forms.

It was agreed that GPC should provide a brief update in the next college senate meeting.

The committee discussed students going through commencement without making adequate progress in spring semester. It was noted that Graduate School students apply for commencement about early March and then the list of students goes back to the program DGS (and faculty) for approval before students are allowed to go through commencement. The M.Ed. programs would like to follow this approach. Bruce will check with Tami to find out if this is a policy and how we will approach it this year.