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Graduate Program Council

October 11, 2011

Present: Julie Ernst, Bob Lloyd, Mike Raschick, Diane Rauschenfels, Faith Loven, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Bob Lloyd was elected Chair this year

1. Hlth 5990 topics - Community Health Italian Style


  • The relevance of some of the class contents to community health was not clear. It is not necessary for all aspects of the tour in Italy to be aligned with the course content. Clearly identifying which components of the tour are part of the class would be helpful and the other tour components do not need to be included.
  • Learning outcomes need to be phrased as outcomes.
  • Alignment is needed between content, outcome, and assessments
  • Content questions such as p. 10 on syllabus references 'various agencies,' but more specific information about agencies’ relevance to health is needed.
  • Add brief explanation of assessments that are not 'typical.'
  •  Not acceptable as is for graduate credit. Ernst moved and Rauschenfels seconded having the Dr. Tornabene come and discuss the proposal with the committee before submitting a full revision of the proposal. Ernst and Munson will discuss the proposal with her before the committee meeting. Unanimous approval of the motion.
  • Proposal sent back to department and faculty for revision.

2. Hlth 5990 topics – Heenalu & Huna: Holistic Health & the Hawaiian Way


  • Learning outcomes need to all be phrased as outcomes. Some items, such as item 26 c are phrased more as methods than outcomes. Revisions to outcomes are needed.
  • Revise assessments to be clearly measurable assessments.
  • Clarify item #8 - delivery mode. (Dr. Versnik-Nowak can consult with Munson on this.)
  • Ernst moved, Raschick seconded this proposal be sent back for revisions. Unanimous approval of the motion.


3. Committee asked Munson to look for good examples of curriculum proposals to be posted to the web site.