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Graduate Program Council

October 9, 2012

Present: Diane Rauschenfels, Julie Ernst, Bob Lloyd, Mike Raschick, Fay Maas (ex officio)

Absent: Faith Loven

Bob Lloyd will continue to be Chair

SW5095: Child Welfare


  • Clarifying questions asked about catalog number being the same. Since they are special topics courses the numbers can be the same since the titles differentiate the courses from one another.
  • Clarified why an 8xxx level course as a prerequisite; the 8xxx course is a course in working with diverse populations and students will need this background before taking the Child Welfare Practice course.
  • Clarified that it is an A-F grading course


SW5095: Grief


  • Clarify 26B Phrase so that it reflects that participation in discussion and readings is the being assessed

Approve both. Vote to approve pending changes

EnEd 5991/5992

Discussed whether there was a particular value to having graduate level of independent studies and independent readings as separate courses.  Group determined that 5992 should be dropped and that 5991 Independent study was approved with the following minor changes:


  • #5 adjust to clarify for both courses
  • #11 clarified graded component (directed study)
  • Clarify whether "approved degree program plan should be completed prior to being taken" If so make parallel with #16
  • #17: change to instructor consent

EnEd5990: Tabled

Implications of EnEd 5990 vs EHS 5990. This should be discussed among DH of Education and HPER and Fay/Bruce as this change will impact the Education department and workloads in each department. It also could be considered a program change since the program specifies interdepartmental collaboration between Education and HPER.


Proposal was withdrawn as it is already an approved graduate course. Because 4163 is required by undergrad students and because 5163 cannot be required of undergrads, it would be possible to resubmit the proposal dual numbered course.  Alternately both courses could be offered but that would impact workload since two courses would be offered rather than one.


Approval deferred. Cannot be a requirement for both undergrad and grad programs. It could either be dual listed or submit as new course. If submitted as a new course revise #11 to be consistent with assessments in #26.


Council did not make a final decision as Bob was not able to remain for discussion. While some members were in favor of approving the proposal, not everyone was available to have input. Council recommended that Bob be allowed to read the proposal and that Faith have the opportunity to confirm her vote in light of the differences of opinion.  Final approval will be made via email.