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Graduate Program Council

October 9, 2008

Present: Dennis Falk (acting committee convener), Faith Loven, Ken Gilbertson, Molly Minkinnen, Alexandra Luong, Bruce Munson (ex-officio and recorder)

Approval of minutes – approved by committee

Discussion of criteria and template for evaluation of course proposals:

  • The committee agreed that if there was no Linda Rolfe and Department Head signature, a course proposal would be returned to the department.
  • Agreed that checking for appropriate prerequisites was important.
  • Agreed that there needed to be consistency among objectives, topics, and assessments.
  • Suggested this form be added to the GPC website.
  • Suggested that the form and guidelines be shared with department heads to help guide appropriate proposal development.

CSD 5195 – This topics class is an approved course and the proposed topic fulfills the needs for the CSD program requirements. The course received unanimous approval.

Educ 7050 & Educ 5995 - Returned to Education: the courses need a clear rationale – and an explanation of why two separate courses are needed. The committee also felt there should probably be a difference in assessments for 5xxx and 7xxx courses.

Policy change for inclusion of 4xxx courses in M.Ed. program plan:  Ken Gilbertson noted that the university policy allows 4xxx proposals to be used for masters’ programs, but that our collegiate policy was more stringent. He proposed more discussion on this topic.

Clarification for policy on who can serve as M.Ed. committee members: Ken Gilbertson proposed more discussion about the current Med committee member policies.

An additional discussion item was raised by Ken Gilbertson – the potential for requiring registration for credit for students who continue to work on incomplete thesis or field project efforts.

The committee began a discussion about the need for more support for writing skills for graduate students.