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Graduate Program Council

September 30, 2010

Present: Dennis Falk, Faith Loven, Kim Riordan, Ken Gilbertson, Bob Lloyd, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Guest: Joyce Strand

1. Dennis Falk was elected chair for 2010-2011.

2. Course Proposal: OjEd 5370


a. It was clarified that this course is designed to serve the American Indian Special Education cohort – Naadamaadawin and was developed in anticipation of new state SpEd reading standards.


b. Unanimous approval pending modifications. Outcomes will be clarified to show a course outcome(s) specific to serving American Indian students. Methods will be added and aligned to demonstrate this outcome(s) is addressed.

3. Program proposal – modification of existing Ed.D. program in Teaching and Learning


a. The ‘substantial’ changes to this program requiring curriculum approval are:


i. Moving from 50% online to 75% online.
ii. Adding a delivery site (Hawaii).
iii. Adding a mandatory 15 credit designated supporting field for this cohort program.


b. This cohort would be presented instead of the ‘traditional’ cohort scheduled for next year. (Ed.D. cohorts are started every other year.)


c. Questions raised:


i. Budget implications


1. A second set of seminars increases program costs.
2. Delivery of mandatory supporting field increases costs.


ii. Course proposals: Course proposals need to be submitted for all required courses in the program before the program can be fully approved.


d. The GPC endorses the concept of the substantial changes, but withholds full program approval until the mandatory supporting field courses are also submitted and approved.

4. Policy discussion about CEHSP approval of a “Special Graduate Assistant Registration Status” that will parallel the UM Graduate School for CEHSP masters’ students. Discussion tabled until next meeting.