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Graduate Program Council

September 25, 2008

Present: Faith Loven, Alexandra Luong, Ken Gilbertson, Denny Falk, Kim Riordan (representing Molly Minkkinen for Education), Bruce Munson

The recent history of GPC meeting procedures was reviewed and discussed.

    • Normally course or program changes were presented by the department representative, or tabled until the representative could be there.
    • Course proposals were discussed according to the general criteria of: “fit” with CEHSP; relationship of course to focus and mission of department and program; clarity of outcomes; consistency among outcomes, course details, and assessment; appropriateness of resources/references; duplication across collegiate departments.
    • The CEHSP Academic Affairs criteria for course approval were reviewed.
    • It was noted that the GPC decisions are required but only advisory for Graduate School course and program decisions.
    • Members were reminded of the GPC policies available on the web site.

Faith introduced the proposed changes to the CSD Graduate Program degree.  She noted: alternative courses to the seminar class already exist and there was no impacts on the total number of credits required. Decision: unanimous approval.

Denny introduced course proposal: SW 8070 – Critical Assessment and Intervention. It was noted this is an elective course (not all SW students seek licensure) created to meet licensure requirements which have changed. Decision: unanimous approval.

The Graduate School requires a justification for all 8xxx courses and the justification for SW 8070 was shared.

Meeting adjourned.

Bruce Munson, Recorder