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Graduate Program Council

May 14, 2009

Present: Dennis Falk, Bob Lloyd, Kim Riordan, Bruce Munson (ex-officio & recorder)

Absent, but sending in comments and approval for proposed program and courses: Faith Loven, Ken Gilbertson,

Minutes from April 6 approved with the following change to point number 5. The previous minutes read: “Use of credit earned more than seven years prior to admission…” This should be changed to: “Use of credit earned more than seven years prior to graduation…..”

There was discussion about possible program changes to the M.Ed to better serve an audience of teachers. These changes will be submitted to the GPC for consideration.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Certificate Program Proposal

  • Dennis provided background on the development of the proposal which originated as a result of a MOFAS grant to St. Louis County. The proposal was based on work originally done by Dennis and Jolene Hyppa-Martin. There appears to be no similar program in Minnesota and professionals in the field are not aware of any similar certificate programs in the country.
  • The program proposal and courses were unanimously approved pending the following changes:
    • Clarification & consistency on eligibility for the courses & program (students who have completed at least 60 credits of college course work).
    • Expanding & clarifying proposal content in Section 5.
    • Clarifying Section 6 for budget & planning to represent the appropriate number of credits and that this is a CE program that will not affect assigned workloads.
    • Note whether this program will be offered every year.
    • Address campus protocol for online course development.
  • Dennis Falk and Kim Riordan will collaborate to see that the appropriate changes are made and submitted early this summer.

GPC ended their meetings for the year with a note that Bruce will schedule fall meetings before the end of this academic year – preferably on Tuesday or Thursday mornings.