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Graduate Program Council

April 6, 2009

Present: Faith Loven, Ken Gilbertson, Dennis Falk, Bob Lloyd, Kim Riordan, Bruce Munson (ex-officio & recorder)

SW 8031 proposal – Unanimous approval voted by the committee.

SW 8443 proposal – Unanimous approval voted by the committee.

Proposal by Ken Gilbertson to have policy on approval of committee members. GPC reaffirmed its approval of the following policy:

Any person can serve as a M.Ed. committee member provided that:

  • They have a minimum of a Masters level degree appropriate to the specialty area required of the students’ course of study.
  • They are recommended by the Chair of the M.Ed. committee serving the student.
  • They present their resume or curriculum vita to the Director of the M.Ed. program
  • The proposed committee member is presented to the M.Ed. - Environmental Education faculty for discussion (not approval).
  • The approval of 2nd and 3rd committee members does not need to be approved by the GPC.

Discussion of 4xxx courses to be used as electives in the M.Ed. in Environmental Education program. (EnEd 4315, EnEd 4163, and Rec 4320 already were approved as part of the program). Ken Gilbertson made copies of the course proposals and committee members received them before the end of fall semester. Discussion noted that: a) two of the courses were required courses in the M.Ed. in EE program; b) graduate student requirements in the courses are different than undergraduate requirements; c) most of the courses have a much larger undergraduate student enrollment than graduate student enrollment.

Motion by Bob, second by Kim to approve use of these courses in the M.Ed. in EE program. Unanimous approval voted by the committee.

In keeping with the Ed.D. policy about previous coursework and age of coursework that can be transferred in, the M.Ed. program committee has requested that the existing policy be changed to allow a student's committee to accept or not accept previous coursework beyond 7 years, and to determine the type of validation required.

Motion by Bob, second by Kim to approve the following policy:

Use of credit earned more than seven years prior to graduation must be (1) validated (see credit validation process); (2) recommended by the Committee; and (3) approved by the Collegiate Graduate Program Director.

Unanimous approval voted by the committee.

Program requirements:  The current policy for the M.Ed. states:

  • “A minimum of 30 credits including 20 credits of core courses, 6-8 credits of electives, and a final product of 2-6 credits.”

In the current M.Ed. cohort program the final project is included in the core coursework, and program plans reflect a total of 24 core credits; the first request is to amend the policy to reflect this change.

Phrasing of this proposed change was tabled until the next meeting. Final phrasing will need to encompass both the M.Ed. cohort program and the M.Ed. EE program, or clarify which program is being addressed.

The Academic Progress Standards for masters’ students was discussed. It states:

  • “In order to register continuously with the Cohort of initial admission, students must pass Educ 7001 with a minimum grade of "B." Educ 7001 with a grade less than "B," or any other required course with a grade less than "C-," must be repeated in order to remain active in the program.  The cohort model requires that any student who has to repeat a course must request admission to a subsequent cohort. Students who request and are granted an Incomplete grade for any course will have a registration hold and will not be able to register more than one term beyond the term in which the incomplete grade was assigned.”

It was reaffirmed this policy should be enforced for M.Ed cohort student and M.Ed. EE students.

It was requested that GPC agenda items provide more context for discussion and decision-making prior to the GPC meeting.

The next GPC meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 20 at 9 am.