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Graduate Program Council

January 24, 2012

Present: Julie Ernst, Bob Lloyd, Diane Rauschenfels, Faith Loven, Bruce Munson (ex officio)

Guest: Lynn Brice (Education)

Discussion and review of a series of Educ 5995 Topics proposals proposed by Lynn Brice and Education to be offered through CE for a summer institute

- Can they take all or many and could they be used for a grad degree?
- Rigor and quality
- Need for clearly defined readings
- Can these be used as justification for lane changes because schools wants theory and depth
- An assessment of just creating a unit seems like an undergraduate level assessment
- Could these be considered for 6xxx or 7xxx since these are more professional degree courses?
- How many of these individual courses could be taken?
- Might it be better to offer an option of a certificate of completion?

Lynn Brice’s feedback:
- Students have the option of doing a graduate level curriculum project. This is common in education. The MEd is a practioner degree.
- These proposals have followed model of prior programs such as the Educator's Institute,
- She envisions students describing the curriculum and layout of curriculum. They will use their own work in creating a module.
- She emphasized that this emphasis is on curriculum, not pedagogy. - question on how this differs from undergrad requirement. Answer is experience base and knowledge of students
- There is an assumption that skills are developed through the workshops. These courses represent the application of the theory and skills through curriculum development.


- CSD uses a somewhat similar approach for graduate credits associated with participation in the Eddy lectures. Perhaps just do one proposal for a graduate level course that could relate to one or more of the workshops.

- Several items should be addressed in developing an ‘umbrella’ course proposal that would fit this workshop situation: the number of hours involved; clear, measurable objectives; the prerequisites that define who can take the courses; assessments; and a bibliography that relates to curriculum theory and development.


- Based on the discussion Dr. Brice indicated she would retract these proposals and submit a single alternative proposal within a week.

- The GPC agreed to have a special meeting next Tuesday at 1 pm so the new proposal could be considered before the CE deadline.

Addendum: After this meeting a new proposal was submitted by Dr. Brice and the Department of Education. The committee reviewed and approved the proposal through electronic communications.