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Graduate Programs Council

November 28, 2007

Present: Helen, Kent, Tiffany,Abby, Kristelle, Julie, Jackie

Guest: Bruce Munson

1. Bruce discussed Graduate School policy at UMD that gives resident tuition rates to non-resident students if they are on any level of assistantship, and proposed that this policy apply to collegiate programs. Such a policy could be used as incentive to get good applicants to programs. Motion, second, to apply the Graduate School policy to collegiate programs. CARRIED. The Council also asked Jackie to provide data on numbers of non-resident students and will have discussion about eliminating non-resident tuition rates.

2. Bruce also asked if collegiate graduate students could have rolling graduation dates. In discussion of the current process, it was pointed out that there really is a "rolling" graduation date; but it is the application deadlines that often cause problems for our students. Jackie will explore this more with degree clearance and report back.

3. There was brief, continued discussion about the delivery mode proposal. Ability to replace seat time and reflect it is important for space utilization and for student scheduling. Members also stressed the importance of students understanding that the time will be required. No further action.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder