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Graduate Programs Council

November 11, 2004

Present: Melanie Shepard, Bob Lloyd, Ken Gilbertson, Frank Guldbrandsen, Faith Loven, Jackie Millslagle.

Melanie briefly explained, and answered questions about, the series of proosals from Social Work. The curriculum is being reviewed for efficiencies, and courses being combined to result in more 3-credit courses. Social Work will prepare and submit course proposals to DROP SW 5104, 8006, 8551, 8661, and 8104. The following proposals were APPROVED.

  • CC #46, Change SW 8031, from Child Welfare, 2 credits, to SW 8031, Advanced Practice in Child Welfare, 2-3 credits.
  • CC #47, Add SW 8100, Social Work with Diverse Populations, 3 cr.
  • CC #48, Change SW 8111, from Generalist Practaice: Micro, to SW 8111, Individual, Family & Group Practice I.
  • CC #49, Change SW 8112, from Generalist Practaice: Mezzo and Macro, to SW 8112, Organization & Community Practice I.
  • CC #50, Add SW 8331, Organization and Community Practice II, 3 credits.
  • CC #51, Add SW 8332, Advanced Practice in Administration and Community Development, 2-3 credits.
  • CC #52, Change SW 8441, from Advanced Practice: Individuals, Families and Small Groups, 2 credits, to SW 8441, Individual, Family & Group Practice II, 3 credits.
  • CC #53, Add SW 8443, Advanced Practice in Mental Health, 2-3 credits.
  • CC #54, Add SW8544, Advanced Practice with Famlies, 2-3 credits.
  • CC #55, Change SW 8801, Field Placement I, from 4-8 credits to 3-6 credits.

Motion/second/carried to approve an exception to the policy that "At least 20 credits must be completed at UMD including core courses as specificed by the program" to allow any student in a Morris cohort to use up to 13 credits from the Twin Cities campus.

Approved Kim Riordan and Julie Williams as graduate faculty for 2004-2005 and 2005-2006 so they can serve as committee members/chairs.

Approved the following to be added to policies under PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS:

Continuous Enrollment

Once admitted, students must maintain continuous enrollment in course work, or in EHS 0799, Masters Active Status, until the degree is posted. Failure to enroll in any semester will cause program discontinuation. Re-entry to a collegiate graduate program will require re-application in the following term.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder