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Reminder - joint meeting with Graduate Programs Council to discuss curriculum process, 9:00 a.m. on Friday, November 2.

The only course proposals we have received are two that result from a split of a current class.  EdSe 5215 Teaching Reading and Literature Grades 5-12 (5) is being split into EdSe 4212 Literature for Adolescents (3) and EdSe 4214 Reading in the Middle and Secondary School, Grades 5-12 (2).  The proposals came in as 5000 level courses, but because they are designed primarily for our undergraduate majors and minors, the course sponsor has agreed to change to the 4000 level numbers.  We will be running this through UMD Graduate Council so that the courses can be used as electives in graduate English programs.

There is an urgency to this proposal in that our Education department must have them in the system immediately in order to advertise for adjunct staffing to teach one of them in spring 2002 as the regular faculty member will be on sabbatical.  Thus, because this is in reality a minor modification (splitting one course into two), I am sending them through and will provide copies for you on Friday.  I apologize for this; I would not do this if the proposals meant anything new to our curriculum, and the circumstances had not been so urgent.

Helen:  Linda Rolfe will have this "on the books" within 48 hours.

Dr. Jackie Millslagle
Director of Student Affairs
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