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Graduate Programs Council

October 19, 2005

Present: Bob Lloyd, Julie Ernst, Faith Loven, Mary Ann Marchel, Lynn Bye. Jackie Millslagle. Trudie Hughes (guest).


  • SpEd 5010, Mental Health Issues for Teachers, 1 cr. Trudie explained the need as it relates to renewal credit for licensed teachers. Course was approved.
  • SpEd 5486, Teaching Reading, Writing and Math, 3 cr. One additional point of clarity was suggested in the outcomes with regard to primary audience (at-rsk and disabled). With this change, course was approved.
  • SW 5095, Special Topics--Addressing Alcohol Related Problems in Child Welfare Practice, 1 cr. This proposal had been tabled because of questions related to variable credit. The proposal had been changed to 1 credit only. Course approved.

There was initial discussion/re-visit to the guidelines for a refereed journal as a final project in collegiate degrees. The first submission occurred summer 2005 and Jackie discussed some issues expressed by the faculty advisor relating to the guidelines. This item was tabled for further discussion.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder