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Graduate Programs Council

October 16, 2002

Present: Frank Guldbrandsen, Chair; Aydin Durgunoglu, Faith Loven, Ken Gilbertson, Mike Raschick, Jackie Millslagle.

As this was the first meeting of the year, the beginning of the meeting was spent reviewing the structure and purpose of this Council. As part of the discussion, one sentence will be added to the GOVERNANCE:Authority section of the Policy document as follows: In addition, GPC will function in an advisory capacity to Graduate School programs, providing an open forum for discussion of all aspects of delivery of graduate education.

Mike Raschick explained a recent change in the M.S.W., allowing for a coursework only option for students. No outside examiners will be required on committees; however, a capstone project and oral examination are still required.

Frank Guldbrandsen gave a brief update on a revision to the M.Ed. (general). A 20 credit core will be realigned with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards core propositions. The remaining 10 credits will be elective courses and the final product. Faculty across the campus are being invited to learn about NBPTS and how discipline specific courses can be aligned with the standards. Elective courses in content fields will be taken by students interested in national certification in 24 specific areas. This group can expect to see the full proposal on a future agenda.

Frank also updated the Council on conversations on-going between the Department of Education and the Twin Cities Department of Educational Policy and Planning on a joint delivery of the Ed.D. (P-12 Leadership emphasis) on the Duluth campus. UMD faculty will deliver a signficant part of the core requirements.

Council members agreed to review the policy document to identify remaining areas that need attention. The following members agreed to draft guidelines for each of the acceptable final products:

  • A research project written in the format of a thesis (4-6 credits) (Ken)
  • A research project written in the format of a journal publication (4-6 credits) (Ken)
  • A conceptual paper providing a theoretical integration of findings from a literature review (2-4 credits) (Aydin)
  • A curriculum/program development or evaluation (2-4 credits) with or without literature review (Frank will ask Bruce Munson)
  • A portfolio prepared for submission for National Board Teacher Certification (4 credits) (Frank)

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder