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Graduate Program Council

April 16, 2008

Present: Tiffany Smith, Sara Neff, Brent Brorson, Helen Mongan-Rallis, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle.


The following new courses were approved pending suggestions. On all proposals, clarify field placement in all proposals; use measurable terms in objectives; make sure topics are included in all proposals. Other specific suggestions follow the course listed.

  • OjEd 5310, American Indians and Special Education, 2 cr.
  • OjEd 5320, Assessment of American Indian Learners, 4 cr.
  • OjEd 5330, Working with American Indian Families & Community , 4 cr.
  • OjEd 5340, Manifestation of Multi-generational Trauma & Internalized Oppression, 4 cr. Clarify the product of #3 assessment method? .
  • OjEd 5350, Indigenous Learners, 4 cr. The title does not reflect special education; too global.
  • OjEd 5360,  Indigenous Methods of Instruction: Practical Application , 4 cr.
  • OjEd 5600, Tribal Special Education Student Teaching, 3-12 cr. Title and course description need to be consistent and reflect the indigenous perspective. Why tribal instead of indigenous?
  • OjEd 5610, Professional Issues in Special Education, 2 cr. Title and course description need to be consistent and reflect the indigenous perspective. Why tribal instead of indigenous?

There was review and discussion of the following degree requirement as stated in the collegiate graduate program policy document: A minimum 30 semester credits, 5000-level or above, which have not been used to fulfill an undergraduate requirement, or 4000-level that have been approved for graduate credit through the Graduate School. The current M.Ed. EE core requirements includes a 4000-level course that has not been approved for graduate school credit. Student program plans frequently include other 4000-level courses as electives. Jackie asked that Julie take this back to the faculty and to either (1) recommend policy language change; or (2) bring the core requirements into compliance with the policy.

Jackie distributed a document from Graduate School Associate Dean Knopp that included the following UM policy: University of Minnesota students who have 0-7 credits or no more than two courses to complete for their undergraduate degrees (including total credits and distriabution requirements) will be eligible for admission to the Graduate School provided they commit in advance to completing requirements for their undergraduate degree during their first semester of graduate study. Students admitted in this way will need to show evidence of having completed the remaining coursework prior to registering for their second semester of graduate study. No action was taken to modify collegiate policies at this time.

If no curriculum is submitted, the April 29 meeting will be cancelled.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder