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Graduate Programs Council

April 12, 2006

Present: Julie Ernst (chair); Faith Loven, Bob Lloyd, Mary Ann Marchel, Jackie Millslagle

Excused: Lynn Bye

Julie convened the meeting at 1:15 p.m. Agenda items included five curriculum proposals from Education. Mary Ann distributed a document that laid out the curriculum curriculum across 4 semesters, compared to the layout of the proposed curriculum over 4 semesters. The document referred to an overall increase in credits required for the M.Ed. Jackie explained that this should be submitted as a program change for official action by GPC. The Council proceeded to consider the course changes.

CC #100, change Educ 7001, Educational Innovations and Technology, 1 cr., to Educational Innovations and Technology and Academic Writing, 2 cr. Several questions were raised about the content and rigor for graduate level credit. After discussion, the proposal was referred back for revision.

CC #101, change Educ 7002, Human Diversity and Exceptionality, 3 cr., to 2 credits. The rationale was related to the amount of diversity that is woven throughout the curriculum for the M.Ed. The suggestion was made to change the course description, removing the "power and privilege" words and emphasizing reflection and ability to design inclusive curriculum. With this success, there was a motion, second and consensus to approve.

CC # 103, change Educ 7009, Assessment of Student Learning, 2 cr., to Assessment of Learning, 3 cr. Rationale: increased emphasis on assessment in education. Noted that objectives #1 and #6 were duplicate and directed revision in the proposal. With that revision, a motion, second, and consensus to approve.

CC #102 and #102 considered together.

  • Change Educ 7004, Educational Action Research and Inquiry, to Research Methods in Education.
  • Add Educ 7014, Fundamentals of Educational Research, 3 cr.

Together, these proposals are designed to increase the research component of the M.Ed. The two courses would be taught in the same semester, but sequentially. Several questions were raised about overlap and redundancy of the course objectives, noting that it was difficult to see the progression from one course to the next. The proposals were referred back to the department for revision.

Meeting adjouned at 2:00 p.m.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder