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Graduate Programs Council

March 25, 2002

Present: Melanie Shepard, Ken Gilbertson, Aydin Durgunoglu, Mark Mizuko, Jackie Millslagle.

Meeting convened at 10:10 a.m.

Update on program proposals.

  • Minor questions raised on the Master in Special Education proposal regarding admission and summer staffing. Dean is responding.
  • A significant list of questions was raised on the Master of Psychology proposal. Bud McClure is recommending to the Dean that the proposal be withdrawn to allow time to redevelop the proposal for resubmission in the fall.

Ken Gilbertson circulated a revised program of study for the Environmental Education M.Ed., and entertained discussion/input on the elective portion of the program. Council suggested that, as the program should insure inclusion of courses in two or more areas, that the term ´elective´ be changed to ´specialty´ courses and the program plan list suggestions. Ken will revise and circulate via email with final approval on next agenda.

Jackie circulated a draft of suggested policies surrounding credit requirements and required forms for moving through a collegiate graduate program. Policies are listed as annotations to credit requirements listed in the constitution. Some modifications were suggested and are incorporated below.

Credit requirements for Collegiate Graduate Programs are as follows:

    A minimum of 30 semester credits. [5000-level or above which have not been used to fulfill an undergraduate requirement, or 4000-level that have been approved for graduate credit through the Graduate School. All courses toward a graduate degree must have been taken after the awarding of the baccalaureate degree. Exceptions must be approved by CGPC.]

In all cases that require approval by CGPC, the CGP Director is at liberty to use precedent when timing of a decision is an issue.

  • At least 20 credits must be completed at UMD including core courses as specified by the program. [Exceptions to the minimum 20 credits must be recommended by the Committee and approved by CGPC. Transfer courses may be excepted for core courses when judged equivalent (based on review of a course syllabus) by the Committee, and approved by the CGP Director.]
  • No more than 12 semester degree credits may be taken prior to admission in the program, and such credit must be earned within five years prior to admission to the program. [Exceptions to the 12 credits prior to admission must be recommended by the Committee, and approved by CGPC, with the CGP Director at liberty to use precedent when timing is an issue. Use of credit earned more than five years prior to admission must be (1) validated by a CEHSP/UMD faculty member in the content area; (2) recommended by the Committee; and (3) approved by CGPC.]

Validation defined. Student will prepare a paper outlining the content of courses in question and documenting how the content has remained relevant for the student in current career, or how continued learning has taken place in the field.

  • All credit must be completed within seven years of admission. [Any course completed more than seven years before completion of the program must be validated by a CEHSP/UMD faculty member in the content area, recommended by the Committee, and approved by CGPC.]

Required forms are used to document progression through the program. They are required to assist students, and to prevent any misunderstanding at the point at which a degree should be conferred.

  1. A Program Plan, signed by the student and all Committee members, and outlining all course work that will be completed for the degree must be filed with the Collegiate Graduate Programs Office by the end of the second semester of enrollment following admission to the program. Failure to file a Program Plan may result in a hold on registration. Any changes to the program plan must be documented by addendum, signed by the student, and approved by all members of the Committee and the CGP Director.
  2. A Final Project Approval Form must be signed by the student, and approved by all Committee members and the CGP Director prior to enrollment in the final project course. Permission numbers for enrollment will be distributed by the CGP Office only when the Final Project Approval Form is on file. In programs where the proposal is developed in partial enrollment in final project credits, permission numbers will be given with Committee chair signature.
  3. A Recommendation for Degree Form must be signed and filed in the CGP Office for degree clearance. If discrepancies exist between the Recommendation for Degree and the Program Plan, the form will be returned to the student for reconciliation. It is the responsibility of the student and the Committee Chair to verify courses and credits among the Recommendation for Degree Form, the approved Program Plan, and the graduate transcript.

These remaining issues will be on next agenda:

  • Process for program review (Ken).
  • Expansion of statement on membership (Melanie).
  • Criterion/Guidelines/standards for various options for final product (Aydin).
  • Guidelines for graduate committees (Frank).
  • Guidelines for payment/recruitment of graduate assistants.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder