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Graduate Programs Council

March 20, 2007

Present: Julie Ernst, Clare Croteau, Alexandra Luong, Helen Mongan-Rallis, Lynn Bye, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent: Faith Loven

Minor course change proposals:

  • SpEd 5205, Assessment in Early Childhood Special Education, change from 4 to 3 credits
  • SpEd 5103, Infants and Toddlers with Special Needs, change from 4 to 3 credits.

Practicum was removed from both courses. Members noted that the methods of evaluation were not aligned with the stated outcomes and the proposal should be revised to include a more complete assessment section. Both proposals were approved pending changes to the assessment sections.

Educator's Institute

In past year's, full special topics proposals for Institute offerings have been reviewed by this Council. This year, Continuing Education, in an effort to secure reduced tuition for participants, prepared materials to submit the Educator's Institute courses as special registration offerings. In line with the defined process, a shorter version of a curriculum proposal was prepared for each offering and reviewed by the Institute coordinator in Education, and the Department Head. No further curriculum action is required.

Assessment Plan for collegiate graduate programs

Jackie was to have prepared a draft plan, but time did not permit. Postponed for the next meeting at which time the following will be available:

  • Assessment reports prepared for the HLC focus visit self-study last November
  • Examples of data on Graduate School programs available from UMReports.
  • A listing of data items currently maintained on students in the Graduate Program Office.

Using these items, the Council will help define the program assessment reports that should be routinely prepared, and the Director can further develop the assessment plan over the summer months.

Individual program reporting.

The recently revised graduate program policy document ends with a description of the approved programs. The following process was defined for review of what is currently in the policy document.

  • Each program will be asked to review the policies page and send updated purpose, program requirements, and admission information. In addition, a list of program outcomes should be included. This information is to be submitted to the Dirctor by April 24, and will immediately be circulated to Council members for review.
  • The three programs will be asked to present this information, as well as a sample program plan, a program assessment plan and final project options. Presentations will be scheduled for May 1, the last meeting of the year. Presentations will be 20 minutes, plus a few minutes for questions. The May 1 meeting will run 3:00-4:30.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder