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Graduate Programs Council

February 25, 2002

Present: Melanie Shepard, Frank Guldbrandsen, Mark Mizuko, Aydin Durgunoglu, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent: Ken Gilbertson, Sue Damme.

1. CC #86. Proposal for Master of Special Education. A 33-credit collegiate graduate program culminating in a Master of Special Education degree. Objective is to have this program on the Board of Regents agenda in May. Joyce Strand was present to answer questions. This is a three-summer cohort program; all courses will be taught on a three-year rotation. Council members asked about resources for administrative support. Joyce will administer as coordinator of special education. Resources for support staff for collegiate programs is being sought in another budget proposal. Five new courses are being proposed as part of the proposal. Graduate School approval will NOT be sought as prerequisite knowledge will only be held by licensed special education teachers. MOTION/SECOND to approve. Motion CARRIED. The proposal includes the following courses:

  • CC #88 Educ 7444 Principles of Program Evaluation in Educational Settings (3 cr)
  • CC #89 Sped 7100 Professional Issues in Special Education (3 cr)
  • CC #90 Sped 7912 Special Education Administration and Supervision (3 cr)
  • CC #91 Sped 7100 Advanced Behavior Management Principles and Practices (3 cr)
  • CC #92 Sped 7800 Special Education Law (3 cr)

2. CC #35. A proposal to add course description text to six special education classes as follows: (a) If Sped 4xxx has been taken, credit cannot be earned for Sped 5xxx.; and (b) Because this course is taught concurrently with Sped 4xxx, it will require one or more of the following: paper, project, or field-based practicum. Courses at the 4xxx level with the same course content have been approved by Academic Affairs in conjunction with an undergraduate special education minor. The courses effected by this proposal are:

  • Sped 5204 Special Education Assessment: Mild Disabilities
  • Sped 5381 Behavior Management Strategies
  • Sped 5433 Foundations in Special Education
  • Sped 5434 Assistive and Computer Technology for Teaching
  • Sped 5435 Parent and Professional Communication and Collaboration
  • Sped 5555 Assessment and Instruction of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners

MOTION/SECOND to approve. Motion CARRIED.

3. Proposal for Master of Psychology degree program. This curriculum was approved by GPC last fall as a field of study under the M.Ed. degree. Both department and collegiate-level discussions led to the development of a proposal for a new degree. Aydin addressed a variety of questions from council members. MOTION/SECOND to approve. Motion CARRIED.

4. Proposals for ASL courses were tabled and Nancy Diener will be invited to the next meeting.

5. Dean Deputy asked the council to consider student representation on GPC from each program represented. Based on membership that was approved last meeting, this would put more students than faculty on the council. There is student representation on the UMD Graduate School Council, but 1 or 2 represent all programs. All members commented on difficulty getting students to attend committee meetings. It was the consensus of the group that student input was important, and thus, amended membership in Constitution as follows: The Graduate Program Council will consist of a representative from each department that offers graduate programs, and a representative of any formal organizational structure that sponsors inter-departmental programs, one graduate student to be selected by the Council with nominations from all programs, and the Associate Dean, ex-officio.

6. As not all Council members were present, election of a faculty chair was tabled until next meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder