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Graduate Programs Council

February 6, 2008

Present: Denny Falk, Kristelle Miller, Helen Mongan-Rallis, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle.

Absent or excused: Kent Brorson, Tiffany Smith, Abby Linder.

1. From 11-28-07 minutes: The Council also asked Jackie to provide data on numbers of non-resident students and will have discussion about eliminating non-resident tuition rates. Since 2003, 37 non-resident collegiate graduate students have been admitted. We need to further clarify and get numbers of these without reciprocity.

2. More about degree clearance and application for degree and commencement. Jackie shared the chart below. Text in italics (GS) refers to Graduate School policy.

Apply to Graduate


Degree Posting

Registrar will post a deadline (end of second week of spring semester) for spring, May or summer term graduation. 

GS:  Apply by first working day of month prior to intended graduation.

Name will automatically be included in the Spring commencement program. 

GS:  Graduates may apply for either fall or spring commencement.  Students who have already had degrees posted earlier in the year before the ceremony will have their names included in the commencement program whether or not they are attending.  Those students who have not cleared (example if they applied to graduate for July 2008) cannot have their name in the program unless they are physically marching in the ceremony.  If they are not marching their name will be in the next year’s program.

Registrar posts degrees within a week of receipt of degree clearance papers from the College.  The degree posting term will be the applied term as long as clearance occurs prior to the last day of finals week of the subsequent term.  (e.g., student who applies for spring graduation and completes during summer will have a spring term posting, but if work isn’t completed until after last day of summer term, the degree will be posted as a summer term degree.  The degree term continues to move out until all degree requirements are met and clearance occurs.) 

GS:  degrees are posted monthly.

Fall term applicants who want to walk in the previous Spring commencement, or have name included in the previous Spring program must apply by the February deadline

Registrar will post deadline for fall term graduation (end of second week of fall semester)

Name will be included in the following Spring commencement program

Financial Aid cannot be awarded for terms beyond the expected graduation term (entered to PeopleSoft as applied term).

Students may petition to change the applied graduation term. 

In discussion, there is still the scenario of a student who mid-spring semester, finds he/she can finish the final project by end of spring, but has missed the deadline. Questions also raised about where a "check" is done to determine if students are ready to apply for graduation. Jackie will report back.

3. Use of undergraduate courses in graduate programs. Proposed policy: 3000-level courses not allowed as part of collegiate graduate programs; 4000-level coures may be included on the program plan with rationale approved by the committee and included with the program plan. Jackie will bring this back in the context of the policy document for final approval.

4. Jackie explained a briefly of a proposal for an extended student teaching experience at Wolf Ridge Environmental Education Center, and the idea of allowing a student to begin graduate study prior to the undergraduate degree being conferred. Denny pointed out that the Graduate School has such a policy; Jackie will put it in the next agenda document for further discussion. l

5. Recent applications from international students have included IELTS scores in place of TOEFL. It was the concensus of the members that collegiate admission policy conform to Graduate School policy, which is to use both tests.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder