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Graduate Programs Council

October 24, 2007

Present: Tiffany Smith, Abby Linder, Kent Brorson, Denny Falk, Helen Mongan-Rallis, Kristelle Miller, Julie Ernst, Jackie Millslagle.

Meeting convened at 4:00 p.m.


SW 5120, Cross-cultural Exploration through Learning Circle, 1 credit. Question about course description, objectives, and the difference in title and course description. Methods of evaluation should address each of the objectives (numbered). Motion/second to approve pending suggested modifications. CARRIED.

SW 5280, Addressing Alcohol Related Problems in Social Work Practice, 1-2 credits. This course has been offered twice as special projects. Motion/second to approve. CARRIED.

OJED 5130, Narrative and Conversation Structures in Ojibwe, 2 credits. Motion/second to approve. CARRIED.

EDUC 5995, Special Topics: Expressive Arts in Education, 2 credits. Designed for teachers; could be used as elective in M.Ed. Objectives need work; objectives don't match with the description. Description is too long. Focus should be more on gaining practice in using arts as methods for instruction. Consensus that the sponsor be asked to re-write and description and objectives and bring it back to the Council. Emphasis on "conceptual topics" vs. too much schedule. Some bibliography on the instructional method would be helpful. Questioned that the presentation of curriculum could be delivered on the fourth day.

Jackie will do the prep work for the two items on the rolling agenda.

Adjourned at 4:50 p.m.

Jackie Millslagle, Recorder