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Department Collaboration in Course Delivery

Collaboration between departments (e.g., utilizing faculty across departments) is encouraged in CEHSP.

System rules:


  • Course designators and courses are "owned" by a specific department. The ownership is recorded in the course database by using the department CUFS number as the value in a data elemented named ACAD_ORG.
  • There is a similarly named data element associated with each offering of a course (each section) in PeopleSoft when a course is scheduled to be offered. The value of ACAD_ORG on a class section defaults from the course record, and can be viewed on the first panel of information about the offering in PeopleSoft.
  • If a course owned by one department is to be taught by a faculty member whose salary line exists in a different department, the academic organization information for the course section in PeopleSoft should be changed to the department responsible for the salary of the instructor. This assures appropriate attribution of student credit hours and tuition.


Collaborative agreements for delivery of instruction are in place in the following areas:


  • Environmental Education. The EnEd course designator and all courses with this prefix are associated with HPER. Course scheduling and staffing will be recommended by the Center for Environmental Education (CEED) Advisory Board, and approved by the Department Heads of both HPER and Education. Any disagreement or issues raised by either department head that cannot be resolved between the two department heads will be referred to the Associate Dean.